11/16 6:00pm - Intuitive Vision Board Workshop

A workshop like no other!

Join us in a powerful vision board workshop like know other! We are pairing meditation, introspective work, intuitive insights, and more into one workshop to help you have the best year yet!  This workshop will be lead by Janese Carstens along with Libby Kahnke to bring you to a vision board beyond just pictures on a board. A true vision for your 2022!

This workshop is approximately 3 hours and will have light snacks provided to help keep those good vibes flowing!


$45.00 / person

Refund/Cancellation Policy: Individuals cancelling with at least 24 hours notice will receive a refund or store credit. "No shows" or individuals that have not canceled within 24 hours will not be issued store credit or refunds. Groups of 5 or more must cancel 3 days prior to the date of the class to receive a refund or store credit.