Hone Your Artistic Skills With Help From the Professionals

Visit the Bitterroot Sip and Paint studio to practice today

Keep working on the skills you learned at your last wine and design class. Bitterroot Sip and Paint offers studio space for anyone who wishes to pick up a paintbrush and practice their skills. We always have an artist on hand who can help you if you need advice.

Book a reservation at the studio today or drop in any time.

Practice makes perfect

Art studios are incredibly relaxing places to work. Come by our painting studio in Billings, Montana to:

  • Finish up a painting you’ve been working on
  • Get advice from a professional artist
  • Take inspiration from the art on our walls
  • Practice your new hobby in private

Visit Bitterroot Sip and Paint ASAP to hone your craft and relax in our spacious studio.